Social Media Marketing

Did You Know?
The average internet user spends 151 minutes on social media per day
Social media marketing has surpassed paid search in advertising dollars spent
The average person uses seven different social media sites per month

Social media marketing puts your brand in front of audiences when and where they’re ready to engage. You can familiarize new customers with your brand and deepen relationships with established ones, making social media a must-add to your digital marketing strategy.

What We’ve Done
Designed stunning visual campaigns with unique identities
Developed and defined brand voices with likable personalities
Pinpointed brands’ best practices according to analytics and observation

The first step we take in creating a social media campaign is pinpointing the one-of-a-kind, insightful, and creative character of your brand. Our team learns not only what your brand accomplishes but the how and why behind it to execute a memorable strategy.

Tips For You
Establish a frequency, write, and schedule your posts in advance
Be consistent in imagery, word choice, and punctuation
Use professional analysis tools to observe successes and areas of improvement

The final tip is to make sure social media marketing doesn’t fall to the bottom of the list. It’s a big effort to make the most out of social media, so recruit the help of a team. FYD’s expertise in design, copywriting, and analytics will strengthen your brand’s position in the online community.

Work With Us

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Let’s build something great together.

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