Email Marketing

Did You Know?
49% of consumers said they like receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands
Email marketing tops the charts for customer acquisition & retention
The average ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing is $40

Email marketing is not only the #1 tool for staying top of mind but it also drives real conversions. Stay in touch with new and returning customers while simultaneously strengthening your brand.

What We’ve Done
Increased open rates by over 30% for our top clients
Developed strong brand voices that, in turn, create familiarity between consumers and companies
Sent influxes of traffic to the brand’s site; improving SEO

We believe email marketing is more than a push of information. It’s a way to talk to consumers. The topics chosen, the consistency of the voice used, and the opportunities provided to click through to your website, all lead to higher open and engagement rates.

Tips For You
Narrow down one topic or theme per email
Add personality through word choice, punctuation, and imagery
Monitor open rates to determine the best frequency

The final tip is to hire a professional. Our expertise in copywriting and analytics will help your brand grow right alongside your consumer base.

Work With Us

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Let’s build something great together.

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